Car Rental

Our private car rental programs are tailor made for our clients who want to have independent services and want to travel alone. Drivers have the choice of different types of cars to their liking. We suggest clients to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by being able to create their own program. If you have anything else in mind, referring to Vas Tour, or other places you would like to visit, then please let us know your requirements and we will do our best. Just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!

On the rare occasions when Vas Tour does not meet their minimum for a tour: in this case we have an alternative option and we would be very happy to do the tour just for you, at no cost! For more information or reservations, please contact us or your resort guide.

VIP Services

VIP Services is a brand created to provide all the exclusive and selected services that upmarket and VIP guests need, under the proven service quality and guarantee of Vas Tour Dubai Services.

Through VIP Services, special guests can receive a wide range of luxury services, such as selected restaurant bookings and privileged night club reservations for special occasions, exclusive transfer and transportations with private drivers or a tailor made event organization