Karlovy Vory

Welcome to Karlovy Vory

Karlovy Vary is a town in Bohemia, in the west of Czechia. In English, it is sometimes called also Carlsbad (after the German name Karlsbad). It is a very famous spa resort, visited by many celebrities from all over the world. It is also known for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, held there every year. Karlovy Vary is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Czechia.


Many visitors come to the town to enjoy wellness treatments or to attend the famous film festival, but fans of regular sightseeing shouldn’t be disappointed, either. The town has quite a few remarkable landmarks and sights.

Colonnades are a characteristic element in the cityscape of Karlovy Vary. Thanks to the colonnades, visitors may enjoy the springs also during rainy weather. There are five colonnades in the town:The Market Colonnade,The Mill Colonnade,The Castle Colonnade, The Park Colonnade, The Hot Spring Colonnade.


 We can gain someidea of the appearance of this popularresortin the first half of the 19th century mainly from the abundance of iconographic documentation and archival plans. The atmosphere that surrounded the development of the individual structures and shaped contemporaries’ opinions on them can partly be traced in contemporary topographic literature. Over the course of several decades Karlovy Vary acquired an entirely new and modern facade. The need for both entertainment and comfortable facilities for people taking the medically popular water ‘cures’ served as a stimulus for the construction of a number of community buildings and the almost permanent adaptation of buildings for spa purposes. Forexample, to help people while away the long time spent on a cure there was a theatre, which had its gala opening in 1788, and other central areas to spend time were built, such as the Post Yard (Poštovní dvur), the Polish Hall (Polský sál), the Stone Hill Hall (Sál na Kamenném vrchu), King Charles’ Hunting Hall (Lovecký sál císaře Karla), and the Hall of Friendship (Sál přátelstviv). Renovations to the canopies over the thermal springs were made first in the areas around the New Spring, the Theresien Spring, and the Palace Spring.


Karlovarský suchar is a rusk, a toasted bread cut in thin slices from a whole load, produced in the Karlovy Vary region in the Czech Republic. There are two varieties of the bread – special and diet versions. The bread is well baked and dried, clean, crisp and uniformly porous.

It is golden brown in color, with a delicate scent of bakery goods. The taste is that of baked bread. Both versions of the bread must contain Karlovy Vary spring water. The special variety is made from wheat flour, spring water, sugar, yeast, salt, egg yolk, and flour improver.
Abertam is a traditional Czech cheese originating from the area of Karlovy Vary. It is made from sheep’s milk and has a natural rind, firm texture, and pale yellow color. Its flavor can best be described as strong, tangy, and acidic..


Karlovy Vary is a major cultural centre with a constant stream of various cultural events. Undoubtedly the most important is the Dvořák’s Autumn Festival. But you can also visit smaller cultural events, such as symphonic concerts, theatrical performances, openings of exhibitions, exhibitions and other interesting happenings.