Welcome to Zagreb

Zagreb is made for strolling. Wander through the Upper Town’s red-roof and cobblestone glory, peppered with church spires.


Crane your neck to see the domes and ornate upper-floor frippery of the Lower Town’s mash-up of secessionist, neo-baroque and art deco buildings. Search out the grittier pockets of town where ugly-bland concrete walls have been transformed into colourful murals by local street artists. This city rewards those on foot.

Afterwards, do as the locals do and head to a cafe. The cafe culture here is just one facet of this city’s vibrant street life, egged on by a year-round swag of events that bring music, pop-up markets and food stalls to the plazas and parks. Even when there’s nothing on, the centre thrums with youthful energy, so it’s no surprise that Croatia’s capital is now bringing in the city-break crowd. Zagreb is the little city that could.


Nikola Tesla Technical Museum Born in the small town of Smiljan, Croatia, in the mid-19th century, Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific inventors of the modern era. He is best known for developing alternating current electricity systems and setting the stage for modern wireless technology.


 Sir i vrhnje is a mixture of cottage cheese and sour cream. A classic you’re sure to find the ingredients for at the Dolac Market! Sir i vrhnje is typically mixed with some garlic and spices and enjoyed with bread but can be a key ingredient to more complicated meals as well.

 Štrukli is a pastry filled with sour cream and cottage cheese (sir i vrhnje again!). This is a truly hearty and delicious dish which you can have prepared boiled or baked, sweet or savoury. You can also commonly find štrukli in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region. .